We will briefly tell you how our product for shared use of company cars was born and what its benefits are.
Creating a software platform is never an end in itself or an assumption of business necessity that solves a problem. The problem occurs for the client first and second comes the its solving with unequivocal benefits that come down to saving money and increasing convenience.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Car Sharing?

Easy and fast management of a large number of vehicles

If an employee needs a car, he or she will only need a few seconds to pull the phone out of his pocket and request a car with the CarShare Viasat Technology mobile app. The booking confirmation of the car comes without unnecessary conversations, delays, conditions or unexpected human errors.
Redution or elimination of the cost of using taxis for business purposes
When the calendar shows that there is a free service car with or without a driver, the use of a taxi becomes superfluous. When booking a company car is fast, easy and in accordance with the required number of seats, no external transport service is required. Eliminate the taxi and external transport costs by introducing the Car Sharing module for corporate vehicles.

Reduced use of personal vehicles for company purposes

The practice of using personal cars for business purposes can be reduced to a minimum with a vehicle sharing software platform. If you are covering the costs of private vehicles because they are being used for company purposes, while having no control over the amount of being spent, then it is better to stop this practice.

Renting out unused cars and generating additional revenue

In case of a large number of insufficiently used corporate cars, you can rent them to partners, outside companies or employees for personal use with the Car Sharing System. Unused corporate cars become revenue generators instead of cost generators.

Increase available parking spaces

When company vehicles are being used constantly, the number of available parking spaces in a depot increase.

Detailed information about the effectiveness vehicle усаге and cost centers

  • Usage of vehicles in percents
  • Number of cars not occupied
  • Number of confirmed and declined queries
  • Total mileage to execute a qrequest
  • Average mileage per request and many more.

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