The necessity for division of private and business mileage arises when corporate vehicles are also being used for personal reasons as well. With such a mixed use of cars, the division of private and business mileage is achieved most easily by detecting the mileage in working and non-working hours.


In order to aid this process, Corporate Telematics Systems such as EuroGPS Smart Tracker Plus can be used.  

They document the priavte and business use of a vehicle. It also allows for easy proof of business and private mileage in a reliable way, in case it needs to be controlled. 

That which is especially valuable  for the user is that Smart Tracker Plus takes the mileage data directly from the on-board computer, making sure the data fits perfectly with that from the vehicle’s mileage tracker. 

After receiving the mileage data, Smart Tracker Plus automatically divides them into personal and business mileage based on the user defined working hours in the software. 

In this way, the whole process of reading the mileage data and dividing it into personal and private mileage is completely automated. 

The only thing the user needs to do is input the working hours a single time. From that point on automatic reports, road lists and route data can be generated and divided between business and private mileage. 


How do we do this? 


  1. We install a GPS tracking module and a CAN module for connecting to the on-board computer of your vehicle. 
  2. We provide you with the Smart Tracker Plus software, which you use on your computer. 
  3. You input working and non-working hours in the calender of the Smart Tracker program. 
  4. You choose the desired report from the report module. 


And plenty of other reports!


With the GPS system of EuroGPS you can easily prove the priavte and business mileage of your vehicles. Reduce the administrative work and choose a simple solution for your business, by using Smart Tracker. 


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