GPS tracking technology and smartphones in everyone’s pocket allow you to quickly and easily order and book a company car with Viasat Car Sharing.

What is the Viasat Technology Car Sharing module? 

The Car Sharing module is an additional module to the Viasat SmartTracker GPS tracking software. It allows your employees to order a company car from the company’s fleet for business or personal use. The same module can also be used to share cars with partner companies.

Who is the Car Sharing module in the GPS tracking program suitable for? 

For each company with a large fleet, where not every employee has a car, but has to use one for business.

When is it necessary to order cars for business use? 

Ordering a company car, which the employee will drive by himself / herself during a business trip, business meeting or event. Request a transfer car when the employee is only a passenger and will not drive the car by himself / herself. In this case, the applicant for transport must indicate the number and names of passengers, the purpose of the trip, the date and time of the pickup and return of the car.

What appropriate features does the Car Sharing software have?

  • Division of cars by depots, cost centers, geographical areas, type or another feature 
  • Easy administration of car booking applications: 
  • Confirmation of requests by an administrator and automatic notification of the user and passengers about the reserved car. 
  • Automatic notification of the person in charge of the garage or depot about the occupancy of the car. 
  • Rejection of a request. 
  • Control over which employees which can order a company car and which cannot.

What automation is achieved by the Car Sharing platform?

  • Impossibility to reserve a car that has already been booked 
  • Comply the choice of car with the number of passengers and the purpose of the trip. 
  • Automatic release of a car, if the latter is not used within one hour after the beginning of the requested hour of use
  • Request calendar with information about available and occupied vehicles
  • Calendar of car maintenance for car wash, service or other busyness that makes the car unavailable for a certain period.

What reports can you use in Viasat Car Sharing?

  • Number of requests per depot / center and car 
  • Mileage and driving time for each request 
  • Mileage and efficiency of the cars at the depot or center.

Take advantage of the optional Viasat Car Sharing module, which allows your employees to book easily a car from your company’s fleet for business use. Find out how you can activate the Viasat Car Sharing Module in SmartTracker software by calling us on +359 2 979 49 49 or making an appointment with our sales representative.