When a vehicle is not being used just for business, but  also for private purposes the state requires that ‘Weekend Tax’ be paid. It means the mileage has to be divided between private and business use. The reason is that the state do not allow a VAT (value added tax) credit when the companies use the property for private purposes.

How do you prove the business and private mileage for your fleet? 

It is easy to prove the business and private mileage of your fleet using the corporate telematics solution SmartTracker by Viasat Technology. 

How exactly does Viasat Technology SmartTracker do this? 

  1. The user sets up the work periods of the vehicles in the Calendar of the EuroGPS SmartTracker software;
  2. The software SmartTracker separates the business and private mileage, depending on work periods, predefined by the user.
  3. The user can generate a report about the amount and ratio of business and private mileage;


You can easily generate a variety of reports, similar to the one above, where business and private mileage are separated

Learn more about how you can use EuroGPS corporate telematics system to solve permanently and proofs of business and private mileage for Weekend Tax purpose.  


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