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Bulgarian Toll System

I received the documents, filled them in, sent them back to you and now I am waiting for an answer. Does this mean that I no longer need to buy a route ticket?

At this stage – NO. You can stop buying route tickets only after the contract enters into force and confirms by e-mail that the cars are included in the so-called “White List” of the toll system. 

Are third parties allowed to sign the toll contract?

YES, but it needs to be clarified what is meant by third parties.

If the vehicle is used by a company that is not its owner or is not registered as a user in the registration certificate, it is necessary for the client to present a lease agreement for the specific vehicle or other document certifying his right to enter into a contract according to item 1.6. 2 of the General Terms.

If the person signing the contract is meant, the latter must have representative power to do so. Depending on the form, it can be a Manager, Executive Director, Representative, etc. If the person does not have a representative authority, which we check in the commercial register, it must be presented with a notarized Power of Attorney. 

To whom do I have to pay the toll taxes?


You transfer an advance amount for crediting your micro account to KSI AD and money is withdrawn from there when passing through the paid sections. It is described in item 2.4 of the Contract.

We have your tracking devices installed. What guarantees that they will not stop working and how will this affect the toll payment?

The devices connected to the toll system are under special monitoring and the customer is notified in a timely manner if they stop transmitting data.

It is our responsibility to notify you if the device stops working. The notification is sent with an alarm to the e-mail of the administrator of the contract, which is specified in item 7.4. of Annex 2 to the contract.

If such a case occurs and you receive such an alarm on the specified email, you will need to purchase route maps until we notify you (by email) that the service has been restored. 

Is there an option to notify me when the tracking equipment has stopped counting the distance correctly?

For these purposes, the GPS tracking devices do not record distance, except when entering a paid toll section of the road.

When the GPS device detects entry into a toll section, it sends a so-called “declaration” for entry into section X, which has a predetermined price by the RIA. Based on this price, the passage through the respective section is paid. 

How to calculate what deposit to make as an advance amount?

This is the amount of money in BGN, which you initially need to transfer to the account of CONCORD SMART INFRASTRUCTURE AD, from where tolls will be paid automatically.

It is necessary that the advance amount is not below a certain limit, which is calculated by calculating two components: one-time and dynamic, as follows:

– The one-time component is always BGN 60.

– The dynamic component depends on the category as follows:

over 3.5t

(M2, M3)

Over 3.5t to 12t



 over 3,5t

(M2, M3)

over 3,5t to 12t


over 12t

(N3, N3G..)

Minimal amount per vehicle, BGN20 BGN30 BGN100 BGN20 BGN


Example 1: The minimum advance amount for 1 vehicle of category M2 is BGN 80 

(BGN 60 + BGN 1 * 20)


Example 2: The minimum advance amount for 2 pcs. Vehicles, respectively with categories M3 and N2 is BGN 110. (60 + 1 * 20 + 1 * 30). 


Example 3: The minimum advance amount for 3 pcs. Vehicles, of which 2 pcs. are of category M2 and 1 pc. is N2 e: BGN 130 (60 + 2 * 20 + 1 * 30). 


To calculate the minimum amount for all your vehicles, you can use our calculator, which we provide with this instruction. 


The advance amount, which you indicate in item 11, may be higher than the minimum, if you consider that your consumption will be higher. 


The purpose of the minimum advance amount is to ensure the initial inclusion of the toll service and sufficient funds for the selected reporting period. This is a protection for the user to prevent rapid depletion of the account, which will lead to automatic termination of the service due to lack of funds in the customer’s account.

I have installed tracking equipment from another company. What do I have to do for you to represent me for paying toll taxes?

It is necessary to install Viasat Technology GPS devices.

Viasat Technology is an official data provider whose GPS devices meet the requirements of RIA.

We cannot guarantee toll service with other devices. 

How are tolls being calculated?

Tolls are calculated based on the distance traveled on the paid road sections, the tonnage of the car, the number of axles and the ecological category. Detailed information can be found at: https://www.bgtoll.bg/tol-taksa 

Where can I check which are the mandatory routes on which I will be charged?

You can see the entire toll road network, together with the road categories, on BG Toll site: https://www.bgtoll.bg/tol-taksa 

When is the deadline for submitting the toll documents and concluding a contract?

You can always submit papers. 

What is the term of the toll contract?

12 months

It is automatically renewed for each subsequent 12-month period with the possibility of 30 days notice. 

I am currently collecting offers from several companies. What opportunities can you offer me to pay a toll?

The toll service is completely free for all our customers who use GPS service for vehicle control and have GPS devices installed in the cars. We can offer you a GPS tracking and control service and you will have a free TOLL service with it.

I have a truck with two axles, but when a trailer is attached to it, it works with five. What to write in the toll documents?

The number of axles at the time of negotiation is filled in the documents. 


After signing a contract and activating the service, you will have access to a customer portal where you can change the number of axles of the truck when necessary. In this way, you will be able to change the number of axles for each route, depending on whether you have attached a trailer or not.

When does the TOL contract enter into force (the Contract for the provision of an electronic toll collection service based on distance traveled with prepayment)?

This contract enters into force after transferring the advance amount under item 11 of Annex 2 to the contract to the account of CONCORD SMART INFRASTRUCTURE AD and after receiving notification of the email specified by you in item 7.4 of Annex 2 in the Administrator section contract. 


For each individual car you will receive a separate email, which confirms that the car is registered for toll services in the system of KSI AD and respectively begins to toll, ie. to take into account the passage of the car on the toll road network of Bulgaria. 


За всеки отделен автомобил ще получите отделен имейл, с който се потвърждава, че автомобилът е регистриран за ТОЛ услуги в системата на КСИ АД и респективно започва да се ТОЛ-ва, т.е. да се отчита преминаването на автомобила по платената пътна мрежа на България.