By installing a GPS system, the theft of one of the most expensive resources – fuel – can be easily recorded. Detection of theft, however, should be accompanied by evidence of it – reports, statements, and graphs should be prepared to confirm incontrovertibly the misuse of official fuel. This, in turn, can lead to the loss of another valuable resource – people.

Here’s how VEM Technology solves this problem – our team of highly skilled specialists takes care of providing a “Managed Fuel Technical Control Service”. Without working with the software, our customer service center sends you periodic information. 

What does Viasat Technology managed service Fuel Control PRO offer?:

  1. Monthly monitoring of your fleet;
  2. Automatic and manual import of charges from electronic invoices;
  3. Calibration of fuel sensors;
  4. Monthly comparison between the administratively invoiced fuel and the fuel reported by the GPS system;
  5. Preparation of a monthly analysis for possible fuel leaks;
  6. Monthly analysis of each vehicle’s fuel consumption;
  7. Preparation of monthly expert assessments of any misuse (leakages) that have weight with the relevant institutions

This is the best way to manage and control the fuel in your fleet:

  • No waste of time and human resources;
  • Without the need to take unnecessary responsibility;
  • Without making mistakes when performing the fuel analysis.

Take advantage of a free consultation with our specialists by contacting us and asking about VEM Fuel Control PRO. The question “How do I prove fuel theft?” will no longer be in front of you!