Viasat Car Sharing is an additional module integrated in the GPS tracking system SmartTracker. It allows for reservation of corporate fleet vehicles, their administration and accountability in their use. 

How does the corporate vehicle sharing software known as Car Sharing work in summary? 

  • Vehicles don’t need to have a specific driver 
  • Every vehicle can be used by every driver
  • When a vehicle is needed, it can be requested via mobile app or a web software platform 
  • The requests allow for input of the number of passengers.
  • Besides the passengers, with the booking you can also request a driver, which is patricularly useful for people without a drivers license or in areas where parking is difficult..
  • The request can be for a transfer to a railway station or an airport as well. 
  • The system allows for the booking of a vehicle which is already in use.
  • If the vehicle isn’t used within an hour after the beginning of the booked appointment (or another time period defined by the user), the booking is cancelled and the vehicle is once again free.
  • The usage of every vehicle and request is recorded in detail. 


Roles in the Car Sharing system: 

  • Driver: The driver who wishes to use a corporate vehiicle and will be driving personally. 
  • Passenger: An employee who need a vehicle with a driver, because he/she is going to an airport, railway station, in an area where parking id difficult or just doesn’t have a drivers licence. 
  • System Administrator: The administrator receives information about requested bookings  by employees and confirms them. 
  • Depot or Fleet Manager: The fleet manager of a particular depot gets notified about a booked vehicle in his depot. 


Types of requests:

  • Request for a vehicle, which will be used by the employee for a business trip, meeting, or other event. 
  • Request of a vehicle for a transfer, in this case the employee is simply a passenger. 

Parameters of every vehicle request: 

  • Purpose of the journey.
  • Names and number of passengers. 
  • Beginning and end time of journey.

Administrating the Car Sharing System: 

  • Confirmation of requests by administrators  and automatic notificaiton of the driver and passengers about their confirmed booking and vehicle. 
  • Automatic notification of the depot manager about the  availability of every vehicle in his depot. 
  • Ability to deny a request. 
  • Control over which employees can use corporate vehicles and which can’t.
  • Grouping of the vehicles by depot, garage, or other geogrpahic principle in order to avoid requests for vehicles in an entirely different location as the employee requesting them. 

Excellent accountability of the Car Sharing software: 

  • Number of requests per vehicle and depot.
  • Record of mileage and driving on every request. 
  • Mileage and efficiency of the vehicles in each depot.
  • History of requests up to five years back. 

Use the corporate vehicle sharing module Viasat Car Sharing in order to easily book and  manage the vehicle division in your fleet. With Viasat Car Sharing you will have full accoutnability about the availability and efficency of every vehicle in your fleet. 

You can receive more information by contacting us at  0700 1 49 49 or request a demonstration or quote.