Dividing the private and business mileage for Weekend Tax purpose can be difficult, complicated and time consuming, except you have a technical solution. 

Is there a way to divide private and business mileage automatically?

Yes, there is, and even you can choose options. 


Dividing the private and business mileage can be easy and fast by corporate telematics systems. The term corporate telematics system can seem complicated, but it is not. The complicity is comparable with the use of Smartphone.  


In nowadays technology world, we have to be educated and to extend our knowledges permanently. It is a warrantee that we are in a line with the conveniences that technologies allow us to make our live and work easier. On this occasion we would like to send a light to the subject:

How can you divide private and business mileage of the vehicles for Weekend Tax purpose by Viasat Technology SmartTracker corporate telematics system?


  • Viasat Technology installs GPS/GPRS tracking device in the vehicles
  • The customers installs SmartTracker software on the computer
  • The user selects the work and non-work periods through software calendar in the SmartTracker software
  • Finally, the customer selects the appropriate report from the report engine, for example:


Perhaps the challenge to increase the effectiveness can be best summed up with the automation in reporting! What are the corporate telematics options you can choose from regarding Weekend Tax for your fleet? You can get the answers now. Get a free consultation.