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Smarttracker update version-192-53

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What’s new in SmartTracker?

I. Summer and Winter Fuel Consumption Norms

Driving in different seasons leads to different fuel consumption rates for each vehicle. The new version of EuroGPS SmartTracker will allow you to enter your administrative fuel consumption norms for winter ans summer driving. Those norms will be used by the system to calculcate whether the vehicle’s actual fuel consumption is above or below the rates depending on the season.

II. Engine Motohours History – Sensor Display

It often happens the GPS device to be connected to multiple sensors in the vehicle. In those cases it was not made clear for the users which of those sensors is used for calculating the engine motohours history. This has been changed now and you can see which sensor is used for that purpose on the “Motohours history” screen.

III. Vehicles Internal Classification

A new field is added as a property to each vehicle – “Internal Classification”. It will allow you to enter any custom information depending on the way vehicles are classified within your organization.

You can use the “Internal Classification” property to create filters for your vehicles in the “Vehicles List”.