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Smarttracker update version-193-61

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What’s new in SmartTracker?

I. New setting: Hide vehicles without GPS device

All vehicles without GPS device have a new icon.


The system automatically hides all vehicles without GPS device when the setting is turned on (checkbox is checked). The information for those vehicles is still available in the system, it is not deleted.

Important: Although the setting is active and the vehicles are hidden, the Report module will automatically determine if a vehicle had a GPS device for the selected reporting period and will include / exclude it from the report. Thus you will not lose report information for vehicles without a GPS device and you don‘t need to remember if a vehicle had or had not a GPS device.

II. New function: Full screen map
Click on “Full screen” button on the button bar above the map to activate full screen mode.

The full screen map looks this way:

To exit the full screen click the button in the up left corner.

When in Full screen map mode, all vehicle data is being updated as per the system settings.

III. Map actualization: Bulgaria
The Bulgaria map is up to date and actualized by 31.12.2017.

IV. Address database for whole Europe

In the previous versions of the software, address database was available only for Bulgaria and Macedonia. Now the system contains addresses for the whole Europe.

V. New setting: Color for region names.
Each geocoded region in the system has a background color and a text name. The name of the region is now shown on the map in a color, selected by the user. Until now the color was always white, that was a problem for reading the name in some cases.

The setting is available in few places in the system:
In the screen “Regions -> Region list” a new column is added , containing with the color of the region name.

The very same option is available in the Region data screen, as well.

If you pick a few regions at the same time the system will allow you to change their text color as well.

You can change the text color for group of regions. In this case you need to mark the checkbox “Override object properties” in the Group settings and the system will change the color for each region.

VI. User management: Access to filters with vehicles
Until now the system allowed adding only specified vehicles or folders which the user had rights to see.
The new version of SmartTracker gives the opportunity to set the filters of vehicles as user management data so that a user will see only the vehicles that are in the selected filters.

When the filter is changed the change will automatically occur for the users that have rights to see the filter.

VII. A new setting: Driver presentation

There is a new setting added in the system, that allows you to set the way of displaying the driver‘s name in the whole system. This setting is local for each computer.
The driver‘s presentation is shown in the whole system including the Reports which contain any driver information.

VIII. New functionality: Drivers with more than one RFID card. Classification and validation of the RFID cards.
/only for clients with installed equipment for “Drivers identification”/

The system allows adding more than one RFID card for driver identification. Additionally – one can now set the active period of time for each card as well as its classification as personal or administrative card.

Using this classification the Report module of the system can now separate personal and administrative (work) mileage by the card type with which the driver has identified himself.

This function is especially useful for companies without permanent work hours who want to calculate personal and administrative mileage separately.

The card type is shown in the whole system including “RFID Identification”, the updated track of the vehicle in the “Track list”, alarms, reports and etc.

IX. New functionality: Drivers deactivation
The SmartTracker system now gives the opportunity to deactivate drivers. This option is useful in case that an employee does not work in the company any more. Now, you can simply deactivate the employee in the system and this way – you will keep all his driver data history and in the same time – assign his RFID card(s) to some other driver.

A new column – „Active“ is added in the Drivers screen (Instruments -> Advanced management -> section Drivers). In this column for the active drivers is shown “Yes” and for deactivated drivers – “No”. The deactivated drivers are colored in blue.

X. Modification in drivers information import
The system allows importing of drivers information from “.xls”,“.xlsx” and “csv” format. It is available in Instruments -> Advanced management -> section Drivers by clicking the “Import” button.
The import file must contain the following columns:
• First Name (mandatory);
• Family Name (mandatory);
• ID (optional);
• Administrative card – number (optional);
• Valid from (Administrative card) – the start date for the card (mandatory, if entered administrative card);
• Valid to (Administrative card) – the end date for the card (optional);
• Pesonal card – number (optional);
• Valid from (Personal card) – the start date for the card(mandatory, if entered personal card);
• Valid to (Personal card) – the end date for the card (optional);
Important: The validity dates must be in “dd.mm.yyyy” format. The import file must be closed on the computer during the import.

XI. Home addresses
The SmartTracker system has a new functionality for adding home address for each vehicles and group of vehicles. Each home address has validity period for the purposes of the correct work of the system in case of change in home address.

The system allows you to select region for home address for whole group of vehicles and in addition to select different home address for specific vehicle. In this way the system will analyze if the vehicle is parked during the night in one of the selected regions.
The Home Address module in SmartTracker is available from “Regions-> Home Address”.

XII. Reports: Calculate work hours
/for clients with installed equipment for “Drivers Identification”/
Adding administrative and personal RFID cards for driver identification gives a new way of separating personal and administrative mileage for the driver. In SmartTracker Reports module there is a new setting that allows you to choose the way of calculating the personal and administrative mileage.


• The mileage made with unknown RFID card is considered as administrative mileage for the report purposes!
• This option is shown only for clients with activated function “Drivers Identification”.

XIII. Reports: Change in the setting for showing the reports
Until now the screen for report settings changes and shown reports was the same. Now they are separated. Chose Tools-> Reports settings, the system opens screen “Reports settings” in which are shown reports with specific settings.

Visibility of the reports is moved in “Tools-> General settings-> Visible reports”


XIV. Reports: Change in “Drivers report”
/for clients with installed equipment for “Drivers Identification”/

“General Reports -> Drivers report” now contains information for personal and administrative mileage for each driver.

You need to select the option “Calculate work hours by Administrative/Personal card” in General settings and to mark the setting for “Drivers report” – Calculate personal and administrative mileage:

In the created report the system will separate personal and administrative mileage for each driver by the card type with which he has identified himself in the vehicle.

1. Added columns
• Administrative mileage (km) – shows the mileage, which the driver has made with an administrative card.
• Personal mileage (km) – this column contains the mileage, which the driver has made with a personal card.
2. In columns “Work hours” and “Stop time” the system shows only the information for work hours and stop time when the driver has identified himself with his administrative card. (The system considers that the spend hours in personal driving are not meaningful for the client.)

XV. New report: Urban/Extra urban mileage
In this version is added a new report – Urban/Extra urban mileage. It is available in General reports -> Urban/Extra urban mileage.
• The report gives the following informaion for each vehicle for the selected period:
• Urban mileage (km) – mileage in urban areas.
• Extra urban mileage (km) – mileage in extra urban areas.
• Stay in place – total time for stay in place.
• Mileage at the beginning – the mileage of the vehicle at the beginning of the selected period.

XVI. New Report – “Extended stays”
Available second new report – “Extended stays”. You can find it in “Region reports -> Extended stays”.
This report gives information for extended stays of the vehicle and hides information for movement and smaller stays. This report can show information for stays only for specific places.

Each extended stay is shown on separate line in the report.

This reports has specific settings which you can manage from Tools->Reports settings -> Extended stays.



XVII. New Report – CAN Fuel
/for clients with installed equipment “Connection with the board computer of the vehicle/

This report is available in General reports -> CAN Fuel.
The report uses data for the fuel consumption, calculated by the board computer of the vehicle to provide accurate and real information on the consumption of 100 km in urban and extra urban areas. The calculated consumption is compared to the winter/summer norms for urban and extra urban consumption.

For administrative comparing in the report is added information from the administrative fuel data (if such are added by the client into the system).

XVIII. New report: Usage out of working hours and out of home area

Report „Usage out of working hours and out of home area” is available in Reports -> General reports -> Usage out of working hours and out of home area.
The report shows information for movements and stays for the selected vehicles in not work hours and out of the added home area. For each vehicle the system takes information for its home address and the home address of the group in which it is included.

XIX. New version of VD Manager

The new version of SmartTracker is accompanied with a new version of the program for automatic update.
The change in this VD Manager version allows the future versions of the SmartTracker system to be installed without the need of administrator. This change will make easier any future update of the software.

XX. Other improvements

1. Simultaneous sounding for different alarms
Problem with the simultaneous sounding for different alarms is fixed when at the same moments activate few alarms. Until now there were cases when not all sounds where played in case of simultaneous activation of few alarms.

2. User Management
The information in this screen is now sorted. First are shown the groups of users, then the users without groups.

3. Total mileage report
Total mileage report now gives information for the exact moment that is specified when calculating the mileage by GPS data (In the current version of the system it gave information always for 00:00:00 of the selected date).

4. Vehicles in Track list when the system is restarted.
There was a problem the vehicles in Track list did not show automatically when the system was opened again. Now the system will show you the vehicles in the track list from the last open session.

5. Change in vehicles registration number
The system does not allow editing the registration number of a vehicle anymore. For change, please send request to our Customer Support.

6. Better accuracy in setting combined alarms for analog sensors
Until now the system did not allow entering of decimal values for alarms on analog sensors (Example: Vehicle Battery voltage). With the new version there is the opportunity to enter sensor criteria up to three decimal places.

7. Showing driver in the alerts
In Event log when you mark an alarm the system shows a “Show driver” button. If you click on it the system will show you information for the driver of the vehicle at the moment of the alert violation.
If there is equipment for “Drivers Identification” the system will show you the name of the last identified driver in the vehicle for the moment of the alert activation. In case you don’t have such equipment the system shows the driver who is set for the vehicle.

8. Report “Current events” in module Autopark
Now you have the opportunity to chose which events you want to see in the report -only currently activated or all events.

You can download the newest version – Viasat SmartTracker 1.9.3-61 – simply by starting the program Viasat Download Manager (VD Manager), used for the first installation of your software. The program automatically downloads the update and installs it on your computer.
For any problem with the system update, please contact us by phone 0700-1-49-49 or at mailto: support@viasattech.com. Our support specialists are at your service.