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Smarttracker update version-196-69

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What’s new in SmartTracker?

I. Validity of driver identification

Until now the system always indicated that the last identified driver in the vehicle is still driving it.

Now driver identification validity is added. If the driver identified himself in the vehicle more than X days ago, the system will consider that the current driver is unknown. By default this option is set to 5 days.

In the SmartTracker Reports the system will show the driver’s name X days after his last RFID identification. After that the driver will be „Unknown“ as it is shown in the picture below.

*Only for clients with installed equipment for “Driver identification”

II. Stops Per Region Report

Stops Per Region Report now has an additional special section with all regions that were not visited by the vehicle for the selected time period.

III. Search for vehicle in the “New event” screen in Fleet Management module

A new „Search“ field has been added to the “New event” screen in the Fleet Management module of the system for easier finding of the desired vehicle in the list.

IV. Improved mileage analytics from the vehicle on-board computer data

* Requires installed equipment for reading data from the on-board computer.

The SmartTracker system calculates the vehicle mileage by the data received from the vehicles Odometer sensor, if such connection to the vehicle on-board unit has been made.

You can now determine if the mileage data in the system will be calculated using the on-board computer data or the built-in GPS sensor data. For that purpose, a new setting has been added to the system for the way of calculating the mileage.

This setting is active by default so when you have such hardware installation, you will see mileage data in SmartTracker exactly as shown on the vehicle‘s dashboard.

V. Fixed problems:

  • Fixed bugs with visualization of Tree Alerts Summary Report;
  • Fixed bugs with showing vehicles without GPS device in SmartTracker Reports;
  • Fixed bugs with calculating the fuel in Fuel Travel Pass report.