The Bulgarian toll system for collection of tolls for the passage of road for vehicles over 3.5 tons on the paid road sections is already a fact.

What is the fastest way to start using the Bulgarian toll system? 

The fastest way to activate automatic tolling to pay tolls in Bulgaria is with Viasat Technology’s vToll service. Why?

    • For vehicles over 3.5 tons with available GPS devices of Viasat Technology, the activation of the service is completely free and starts immediately after signing a contract with us for vToll service.
    • For vehicles over 3.5 tons on which it is necessary to install GPS trackers of Viasat Technology, the service is activated immediately after installation. Viasat Technology GPS devices are available in stock and can be installed without delay.

Order VToll now! 

What is the easiest way to pay tolls?

Definitely, the easiest way to pay tolls is through a GPS tracker installed in the car. Why?

  • Does not require any commitment on the part of the carrier or user of the vehicle.
  • Once installed in the truck or bus and connected to the Bulgarian toll system, the GPS tracker transmits automatic information when crossing the toll road network.
  • TOLL fees are collected automatically from the user’s micro account. The only commitment of the owner or user of the vehicle is to deposit enough funds in his micro account.
  • Activation of the service is possible without any delay for all vehicles over 3.5 tons with available GPS devices of Viasat Technology in truck or bus, including Vivafleet and EuroGPS devices.
  • Viasat Technology has an unlimited number of GPS devices that can be immediately installed in trucks or buses throughout Bulgaria and the toll service can be activated immediately after installation without any delay.

What is the most convenient way to pay tolls?

The most convenient is the automated way to pay tolls with a GPS device installed in the car. The reasons for this are the following:

  • It is not necessary to buy route pass ticket (with pre-selected route) before the vehicle starts and to delay its departure when the route pass ticket generation website is not working.
  • Unlike the on-board unit, the GPS module installed in the car is pre-set and the driver should not be relied upon to monitor the correct settings and OBU’s lights or whether the on-board device is working. The entire commitment to the operation of the GPS tracker is delegated to the GPS service provider.
  • TOLL fees are paid automatically when passing through the paid sections from a micro account, which is pre-loaded with enough money.
  •  The owner or user of the vehicle over 3.5 tons receives automatic reports on the paid tolls.

Activate fast, easy and convenient automated payment of tolls with Viasat Technology GPS tracker.

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