Distance-based tolls in Bulgaria are paid by all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes using the national road network. This includes heavy goods vehicles and buses. Tolls are charged for motorways and first-class roads, which are 3115 km out of 20,000 km of the republican road network. Tolls are not charged for second-class, third-class, fourth-class, and municipal roads. The sections of the republican network for which tolls are due are marked with road signs. Tolls are calculated on a distance traveled basis and are determined by several criteria depending on the vehicle and the road.

Vehicles under 3.5 tonnes pay tolls in Bulgaria through vignettes.

Which vehicle categories pay distance-based tolls in Bulgaria?

Vehicles that are liable to tolls on the basis of distance traveled are divided into 5 categories, depending on tonnage and number of axles.

  • Truck over 3.5 tonnes – up to 12 tonnes (including).
  • Truck over 12 tonnes with 2 to 3 axles.
  • Truck over 12 tonnes with 4 or more axles.
  • Road vehicles for the transport of passengers over 3,5 tonnes – up to and including 12 tonnes.
  • Road vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers over 12 tonnes.

How the toll rate is determined

The toll rate for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes is determined according to the following criteria:

  • Class of road.
  • Distance traveled.
  • Vehicle category – total permissible laden weight.
  • Number of axles.
  • Environmental category

What is the toll rate in Bulgaria

From 1st of July 2023, the toll rates for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are:

Road vehiclesToll roads
Toll price BGN / km
MotorwaysI Class roadII Class road

over 3,5 t – up to 12 t

EURO VI, EEV0,030,040,00
EURO V0,030,040,00
EURO III и IV0,040,050,00
EURO 0, I, II0,060,070,00

over 12 t with 2 – 3 axles

EURO VI, EEV0,060,050,00
EURO V0,070,060,00
EURO III и IV0,080,070,00
EURO 0, I, II0,110,100,00

over 12 t with 4 or more axles

EURO VI, EEV0,110,100,00
EURO V0,120,110,00
EURO III и IV0,160,150,00
EURO 0, I, II0,200,190,00
Road vehicles for the transport of passengers with more than 8 seats excluding the driver’s seat, up to 12 tonnes (category M2, category M3EURO VI, EEV0,010,010,00
EURO V0,010,010,00
EURO III и IV0,020,020,00
EURO 0, I, II0,020,020,00
Road vehicles for the transport of passengers with more than 8 seats, excluding the driver, over 12 tonnes (category M3)EURO VI, EEV0,020,010,00
EURO V0,020,010,00
EURO III и IV0,030,020,00
EURO 0, I, II0,040,020,00

Bulgaria does not charge VAT on tolls.  

Ways to pay tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

There are three ways to pay tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes:

  • Automated with a GPS device (for satellite positioning) installed in the vehicle.
  • It is automated with an On-Board Unit which is used in the driver’s cab.
  • Route map to be purchased in advance depending on the route chosen to be followed by the vehicle

Tolls are monitored by mobile and fixed cameras located on the toll road network.  

Toll Road Network in Bulgaria

The toll road network includes all motorways and primary roads.

Distance-based tolls in Bulgaria apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes from February 2020. The easiest way for daily and frequent travelers to pay tolls is by automation, either via an onboard device or a GPS device fitted in the vehicle.  

Find out more about paying tolls with a GPS device on 0700 1 49 49 or request a consultation by filling in the following form.