The vToll International service for paying tolls in Europe has added value for truck drivers. Now it is possible to book and pay for secure parking through the onboard device B’Moov. The new addition to vToll International is 43 secure parking lots in France, which truck drivers can use with a pre-booking via the Trucks’nB mobile app, an analog of AirBNB for trucks.

Truck drivers must be given the opportunity to rest. This is important both for their health and to comply with European Regulation 561/2006, which sets out the driving times and rest periods for drivers engaged in road transport during working and non-working hours.

Trucks’nB, a mobile app for booking secure parking

Trucks’ nB is a mobile application designed for truck drivers using B’Moov on-board devices to pay tolls in Europe. The Trucks’ nB app allows drivers to reserve a parking lot in a secure parking space. Payment is made via the B’Moov On-Board Unit (OBU) for electronic toll collection.

With the Trucks’ nB app, truck drivers can reserve spaces in 43 secure parking lots in France. These truck parking are conveniently located close to main roads, entrances to commercial areas, ports, shops, and restaurants. All 43 truck parking are secured in enclosed spaces with automatic entry and exit gates. 

What additional comforts do secure truck parking offer?

  • They are equipped with showers 
  • Sanitary facilities 
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Rooms for accommodation and rest
  • Laundries
  • Garages for heavy trucks.

How a truck driver can use the Trucks’nB mobile app? 

  • Downloads the Trucks’nB app for free from Google Play or the AppStore 
  • Signs up with an email address, Google, Facebook or Apple account
  • Uses the Trucks’nB mobile app to search for parking lots in secure parking in France. Selects arrival date and time, duration of stay, and desired services. All prices are listed in the app
  • Reserves a parking lot by entering the registration number of the truck and the number of the on-board device by scanning its barcode located on the back of the B’Moov.

On arrival at the selected reserved lorry parking, the driver gains access to it thanks to the number plate recognition system.

The Trucks’nB app is available in multiple languages, including Bulgarian. 

Why to use vToll International and the Trucks’nB app?

  • One invoice for everything, tolls, and lorry parking
  • Easy payment tracking
  • Quick reporting
  • Provide excellent rest conditions for your drivers
  • Post payment

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