The convenient vToll web portal is available for Viasat Technology’s clients with vehicles over 3.5 tons, included in the Bulgarian toll system of the Road Infrastructure Agency.

In the new toll portal, each registered user with vehicles over 3.5 tons can change the number of axles of their cars, monitor the available funds from which tolls are paid and check whether the vehicles are included in the white list.

Who has access to the Toll portal of Viasat Technology?

All Viasat Technology customers with installed GPS trackers and a contract for providing toll service have access to

Who can register in the Toll portal of Viasat Technology?

Evryone wishing to use the vToll service of ViasatTechnology for automated payment of tolls can register in the vToll portal and request access.

What is the price of the vToll service for automatic toll accounting?

All customers with active Viasat Technology GPS devices, including Vivafleet and EuroGPS, can use the toll service completely free of charge. It is only necessary to maintain an available advance amount, from which tolls are paid automatically.

If you are not a customer of Viasat Technology and do not have a GPS device installed in your vehicle of 3.5 tons, you can request a toll service for automatic toll payment at preferential prices.

How to request automatic toll payment through the toll portal of Viasat Technology

You can request automatic toll charging by filling in the registration form on With automatic toll charging you will not have to generate route maps and think about the route the vehicle is taking.

Register your vehicles over 3.5 tons for automatic toll charging now or call us on 0700 1 49 49 for more information.