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  • Manufacturer of hardware and software, which guarantees flexibility in specific customer requirements.
  • 24/7 customer service and tech support center.
  • Extensive service network throughout the country.
  • The richest product portfolio in the field of automotive telematics in Bulgaria and the region.
  • Part of the largest independent European telematics group – Viasat Group.
  • Редица успешно реализирани големи проекти на Български и международни компании.
  • A team of over 60 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience.
  • Ticketing system for quick response in customer service.
  • Free consultations and trainings.
Benefits from our services
  • You stop bad practices – unnecessary mileage and downtime, non-compliance with working hours, theft of fuel, use of company cars for personal use, etc.
  • You control the speed, which reduces the average fuel consumption, damage and the risk of accidents.
  • Reduce the administrative costs for maintenance and management of the fleet – you have a service module for easy and efficient management of all activities related to the service of vehicles (insurance, maintenance, repairs, tires, etc.).
  • You improve the quality of the services you offer – you increase the number of serviced objects by vehicle and provide more transparency in the service.
  • Increase of efficiency – you make optimal use of the available transport and human resources.