All machines which perform snow removal need to be outfitted with GPS devices. This best rpactice gives much more control and transparency to the work of snow removal companies. The presence of fucntioning GPS devices in the vehicles allows for monitoring the snow removal in real time as well as keeping track of the roads that have already been cleared. GPS systems provide snow removal companies with undoubtable evidence regarding which roads they have cleared. 

Because the payment for cleared road sections is done based on GPS data, it is important for the GPS devices to be active and accessible to the supervisory authority. 


What should snow removal companies do regarding GPS tracking and control systems? 

  1. Install GPS devices in their vehicles; 
  2. To make sure that the installed GPS devices are active and transmit information in real time; 
  3. To provide the supervisory authority with access to the software of the monitoring system; 


In order to make sure that the GPS devices are always working, you can set up an alarm that will notify the fleet manager or the employee responsible for the GPS system, whenever one of the GPS devices stops transmittting information in real time. The working GPS devices give you security that the work done by the snow removal machines will be paid for. 


Because sanctions for not performing snow clearance are pretty steep, keep track of the work of your machines using GPS tracking devices. With over 5% of unperformed snow removal for a given zone, work will not be recognised and all the other clearing work will not be paid for.

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