When you own a rent-a-car business, the fleet requires more than just technical support.

1. You will always know where the rental car is

Modern GPS tracking systems update information every 5 seconds, i.e. continuously. The real-time tracking that GPS devices allow means you can always see where the vehicle is at the time of the inspection.

2. Increase the rental car price for speeding drivers

With GPS tracking devices, you will have information about the speeding of any of your rent-a-car fleet. You can get real-time alerts for any violation, but it’s far more convenient to use speeding reports. They will give you indisputable evidence and summary or detailed information about speeding violations. This will free your hands to raise the rental price of speeding customers. Of course, you should have included the relevant clause in advance in the contracts with the customers.

This will not stop a ticket from being issued for speeding, but it will allow you to cover the cost before paying the fine.

3. Real-time notification when the car leaves the country

With a GPS tracking device installed in the car, you can easily set up any alarms to notify you if the car is approaching the border, at border points, or leaving the territory of Bulgaria.

4. Check to return the vehicle with a full tank

If you do not accept the car yourself but use partners in your rental car business, you can remotely check whether the customers return the rented cars with a full tank. Stops and length of stay at a gas station, which is visible in the GPS software, is an indicator that the customer is returning the car to you with a full tank. If you also add an option to track fuel from the GPS, you will have authentic information about the amount of fuel the car returns with and whether it returns with a full tank.

5. Notification to Smartphone when entering a vehicle return point

If you want to create convenience for your customers, you can use a territorial network of partners where the customer can return the car. What is the contribution of the GPS in this case? You can easily check the mileage of the car from the time/date of rental to the time/date of returning the car and send an invoice with the amount due to the respective collection point for returning the car. While the vehicle return procedure is in progress, you will be able to check the mileage, issue an invoice, and send it to the partner where the vehicle is returned.

6. Compliance with the technical maintenance of cars in your rent-a-car fleet

Most GPS systems have the convenient function of automatically notifying you of upcoming events related to reaching a certain mileage of the car or calendar the year – service (change of oils, filters, belts, etc.), technical inspections, insurances, certification, etc. The notification is made before reaching a certain kilometer or date so that you can have the car serviced accordingly.

To get all these functionalities in your rent-a-car fleet, start with our starter service and then upgrade with the necessary functionalities.

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