Tolls in Denmark pay heavy goods vehicles weighing ≥12 tonnes traveling on all motorways and highways using the Eurovignette. The latter is valid for Denmark as well as for Sweden, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, under an agreement between the four countries. The Eurovignette does not include the Oresund (connecting Denmark and Sweden) and Storebaelt (connecting the eastern and western parts of Denmark) bridges. The toll for the two bridges can be paid on the site in cash/card or automated through the on-board device (OBU). 

Tolls in Denmark

You can buy annual, monthly, weekly, and daily Evrovignette. Their price, in addition to the period for which they are purchased, also depends on:

  • – The number of axles on the vehicle. They are divided into two groups – [1 to 3] and [4 or more] axles.
  • – The ecological category (emission class) – Euro 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and less polluting.  

The tariffs for tolls included in the Danish road network and paid via Eurovignette can be found on the official Eurovignette website.  

Only heavy goods vehicles weighing ≥ 12 tonnes buy Eurovignettes. Motorcycles and cars do not pay vignettes.

Tolls for the Storebaelt and Oresund bridges are payable by all road vehicles.

The prices for crossing the StorebaeltBridge, 18 km long, can be found at this link

The prices for crossing the 7.85 km long Oresund Bridge can be found at this link. 

How you can pay tolls in Denmark

You can pay the tolls in Denmark by purchasing a Eurovignette from the Eurovignettes website.  

You are not required to pre-register on the website, nor carry a paper document once you have paid it. Vignettes are electronic and are purchased before using the road network in Denmark:To purchase a Eurovignette, you will need to enter the following vehicle details:

– Registration number. 

– Number of axles.

– Emission class. 

– The period for which you want to purchase it. 

For the Storebaelt and Oresund bridges, you can pay in cash, by card or automatically with an on-board device.

Benefit from automated payment for the Storebaelt and Oresund bridges with the B’Moov on-board device. In addition to the two bridges, you can also pay tolls in many European countries automatically with it after using the service.

If you would like information about the B’Moov on-board unit, see the vToll International service by contacting us on 0700 1 49 49 or fill in the form below.