VEM TECHNOLOGY LTD – Your Trusted Fleet Partner’s New Identity

We are delighted to announce that, as of November 1, 2023, Icom Ltd. is rebranded as VEM TECHNOLOGY LTD. This change signifies our revamped identity, following the integration of Ikom OOD into the newly established independent industrial conglomerate, ELEM GROUP, which comprises VEM Solutions (Italy), Minipuls (Bulgaria), and BluTech (China).

The change in company name follows the transition of our trademark from Viasat Technology to VEM Technology earlier in the year. We believe that maintaining consistency between our legal entity and trademark names will enhance our relationships with customers and partners, and make us more easily recognizable in the industry in which we operate.

Why did we opt for a name change?

We believe that the new name VEM TECHNOLOGY LTD better reflects our values, goals, and the path we’ve chosen since joining ELEM GROUP—a path characterized by technological advancement and perpetual growth.

ELEM GROUP is an industrial holding company with 50 years of history and vast expertise. The scope of the group’s activities includes research, development, engineering of information systems, and manufacturing of electronics for multiple industries – automotive, defense, aerospace, telecommunications, HVAC, and many others.

Joining the ELEM GROUP significantly improved our market positions and competitiveness for entering the European and global markets.

The future with VEM TECHNOLOGIES

Under the new name VEM TECHNOLOGIES LTD, we will continue to excel in building GPS systems for fleet park management and automatic toll collection systems in Bulgaria and Europe. Simultaneously, we will channel our focus toward the creation of cutting-edge technological products and services. This includes the design and production of hardware, firmware, and software, as well as intelligent urban transport systems (ITS), waste management solutions, telematics, and IoT products and services for markets in Bulgaria, Europe, and across the globe.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you under our new name – VEM TECHNOLOGY LTD