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Smarttracker update version-191-51 - Viasat Technology
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Smarttracker update version-191-51

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What’s new in SmartTracker?

I. „Weekend“ tax management (specific for Bulgarian legislation only)

  • Option to enter work hours for each vehicle.
  • Option to enter holidays and medical reasons for drivers.

II. Tracking of the mileage for set of tires

  • Alarms for scrapping and change of tires.
  • History of the tires.

III. New Reports

  • Reports from Fleet Management modul – for closed events and upcoming events.
  • “RPM Work“ Report (for machines where the system uses RPM data connection)

IV. Lots of small improvements

Setting for hiding the regions on the map in a certain scale.

  • Creating users without the ability to see fuel information.
  • Entering new positions for the drivers.

You can download the newest version –  EuroGPS SmartTracker 1.9.1-51 – simply by starting the program Viasat Download Manager (VD Manager), used for the first installation of your software. The program automatically downloads the update and installs it on your computer.

For any problem with the system update, please contact us by phone 0700-1-49-49 or at mailto: support@viasattech.com. Our support specialists are at your service.