We are pleased to announce that after the successful restructuring of Viasat Group, ICOM Ltd. is changing its brand name from Viasat Technology to VEM Technology and joins the new independent industrial holding ELEM GROUP, including the companies VEM Solutions (Italy), ICOM OOD (Bulgaria), Minipuls (Bulgaria) and BluTech (China). By combining the technological, production, and business capabilities of the five companies, the industrial holding will significantly improve its market position and competitiveness for aggressively entering the European and world markets.

ELEM GROUP is an industrial holding company with 50 years of history and vast expertise. It is based in Venaria Reale (Turin, Italy). The scope of the holding’s activities includes research, development, and engineering of information systems and electronics products for many industries – automotive, defense, aerospace, telecommunications, HVAC, and many others.

ELEM GROUP has 3 Research and Development (R&D) centers and 4 production plants for electronics. The R&D centers are in Venaria Reale (Italy), Sofia, and Plovdiv (Bulgaria). The factory complexes are located in Venaria Reale (Italy), HuangTu (China), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), and Tunis (Tunisia).

Viasat Technology is now called VEM Technology

Viasat Technology changes its brand to VEM Technology while maintaining its business and at the same time directing its focus to the development of technological products and services, including design, manufacture of hardware, firmware, software, intelligent urban transport systems (ITS), management of waste, telematics and IoT products and services for the Bulgarian, European and global markets.

VEM Technology will concentrate to the greatest extent on the construction of new technologies and all activities in the design and production of telematic platforms for data reception, which are the main business of the four companies in the new industrial holding ELEM GROUP. In synergy with the other companies in the ELEM group, VEM Technology will improve and further develop the strategic businesses of the holding toward future markets.

To date, VEM Technology is the largest manufacturer and technology supplier in Bulgaria and the region of corporate telematics for fleet management, automatic toll charging systems in Bulgaria and Europe, Intelligent Transport Systems for Public Transport, and other telematics systems for public and private organizations.