Viasat Technology took the award for the company with the highest profitability in the “Top 100 Technology Companies” ranking. The company stood out with a profitability ratio of 22.8%.

This is the first award the company has received since becoming part of Viasat Group, Europe’s largest telematics group, in May 2017.

Viasat Group is the European market leader in insurance telematics and eCall emergency call systems with automatic collision detection in the event of an accident

The Bulgarian company, operating under the brand name Viasat Technology, has the largest market share in Bulgaria in GPS fleet control systems and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with its own production of devices and software.

The award was presented to Mariana Mihaylova – Marketing and Sales Director of Viasat Technology by Stamen Yanev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency. 

Марияна Михайлова получава наградата от името на Viasat Technology

Photo – Georgi Kozhuharov, Economedia 

“Such awards are an incentive for all technology companies in our country,” said Stamen Yanev. I congratulate Viasat Technology for what they are doing. Higher profitability means more income both for the company and for every member of the Viasat Technology family. It means added value for the Bulgarian economy. I also thank my colleagues from the Ministry of Economy and the Deputy Minister of Economy for what we are doing together, trying to enforce the formula that leadership equals innovation plus investment. According to a thought of Abraham Lincoln, the best way to predict the future is to create it today. Viasat Technology is clearly doing just that,” said Stamen Yanev.