According to data from the Ministry of Interior, the number of fatal incidents with motorcyclists in Bulgaria in 2018 is 41. The injured are at least three times more. For comparison, the number of motorcyclists killed in 2017 was 5 and the number of injured 101. In 2016, there were 6 fatalities and 123 injured motorcyclists in a total of 129 incidents. The likelihood of a motorcycle accident is a real nightmare for anyone riding a two-wheeler.

Often, in case of an incident, some motorcyclists rely on the help of other motorcyclists on social media. For this purpose, they send a signal, for example, to the Facebook group Sofia Riders and anyone who has the possibility, help by notifying the relatives of the victim, providing first aid, etc. In such a situation, the driver’s chances of survival depend to a large extent on the timely reporting to the rescue institutions, as well as on the time for the rescue team to reach the place of the accident.

In 2020, Viasat Technology is embarking on a fight to reduce the motorcycle accidents

With the new Viasat Moto service, Viasat Technology will also help the motorcyclists in need. The service will be launched on the Bulgarian market for the Moto season 2020 and will allow automatic sending of a signal to a predefined number when a motorcyclist falls. This can significantly reduce the response time of rescue institutions, and will increase the driver’s chances of surviving a car accident. In the event of a fall, the GPS device fitted to the motorcycle will automatically send a signal to a telephone number to ensure the fastest possible response. The available accurate information about the place of the accident will also help. In addition, the Viasat Moto service will allow the activation of a protective perimeter around the bike, which will alert the owner in case of theft.

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