How often do you have to quickly find out where one of the many company cars is? Without GPS tracking devices in cars, you’ll have to rely on the driver for information. What time the company car leaves for work and when it gets home are also questions whose answers are important to the efficiency of company car use and driver discipline.

GPS tracking systems have been part of our business routine for quite some time. Very little of their functionality is often used due to lack of time, complex software, or misalignment with business processes. Regardless of the reason, many conveniences make the daily life of those responsible for the fleet easier.

Here are the most commonly used features of our GPS trackers and software for fleet managers of cars and light trucks:

Where is the company car?

Real-time operational tracking allows the current location of the vehicle to be verified in seconds:

GPS tracker - where is the company car

What is the battery level?

It cannot be denied that it is convenient to check car batteries remotely. 

gps tracker - what is the battery level

 How much mileage does each car get per day?

If you’re wondering what your car’s mileage is per day, you don’t have to wait for the driver to report the trip sheets. Use the GPS tracking system software to find out quickly. 

gps tracker - daily mileage

What time does the working day of the company car start?

Each time the vehicle’s engine starts and stops, the GPS tracking device reports. The result can be immediately checked in the GPS software. 

gps tracker - working hours


What time does the working day end?

The information about the last engine shutdown is indicative of the duration of the working day.  Check it easily in the operating software or the vehicle usage reports generated automatically by the GPS tracking system. 

gps tracker


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