The tachograph module is part of the GPS system for real-time control of transport vehicles. Its role is to solve the problem with obligatory download of tahcograph data which is regulated by Regulation H-3 in connection to European Regulation 561/2006. 

The undoubtable conveniences offered by the module have been summarised here in seven points. 

1. Remote download of DDD files from the tachograph’s memory 

With the company card, reader and software module tachograph on your computer, you can  remotely download the tachograph data without having to go to the truck’s location. The data is downloaded in the required DDD format. You save money and time. С фирмената карта, четец и софтуерен модул Тахограф на вашия компютър сваляте данните отдалечено, без да е необходимо да сте при камиона. Данните се свалят в необходимия DDD файлов формат. Спестявате време и пари.

2. Automatic download of data from the tachograph’s memory 

The software automatically downloads tachograph data every 7 days. 

Thhe GPS device used b Viasat Technology RunTracker 6.0 (RT6.0) makes a remote request every 7 days to the tachograph through remote authorisation and downloads the data which is required by law. The authorisation for download of the data is done remotely, using a company card which is permanently installed in a reader connected to a client server. 

3. The automatic download of data from the driver card 

The download of data from the driver card is also done automatically every time when the card is placed in the tachograph’s slot and when the truck’s speed drops below a certain value. 

The automatisation is an undoubted convenience which makes routine work easier. 

4. Chronological order of the downloaded DDD files according to truck and driver 

For each truck and driver, the system maintains a list of the downloaded  data for each tachograph and driver card in a structured and orderly way. You can easily select the vehicles and files you need. 


5. Intuitive color coding of the downloaded, upcoming and expiring DDD files. 

The software maintains constant information about the amount of days since the last transmission of tachograph data to the server from each vehicle or driver using colour indications, which signify the keeping of the schedule.


6. Current status in real time of the tachograph data for each vehicle and driver 

You can check the driving and rest times of each driver in real time. 

7. Storage of data – 24 months 

Even if you haven’t locally downloaded the data, they are kept on the company’s server for 24 months. You can rest easy knowing you can always access them. 


The option to remotely download tachograph data from digital tachographs is applicable to most tachographs made after 2011..

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