VEM Solutions S.p.A., a Viasat Group company, has completed the merger by incorporation of Cogema, an electronic manufacturing company based in Merone (Co), with the goal of strengthening and redesigning its strategy in the Design, Industrialization and Production of high-quality and mass-market electronic products with a specific focus on the supply of Telematic Satellite and IoT Systems. As a result of this operation, all Cogema‘s production plants will come under the control of VEM Solutions.

The completed merger extends the Group’s expertise and industrial capabilities, which can now boast not only the production plants in Italy, but also those in Bulgaria and China, respectively, of Minipuls OOD (Bulgaria) and Blu Tech Co Ltd (China), now 100% owned by VEM Solutions. In addition to this, there is also a manufacturing partnership in Tunisia, as well as a supply chain centre for research and development of new electronic components purchasing areas. In particular, on the Bulgarian market, the aim will be to promote synergies between Viasat Technology, the Viasat Group’s centre of excellence in the field of design and development of telematics and IoT solutions and platforms, and Minipuls, starting from the consolidation of all activities in the joint headquarters in Plovdiv in southern Bulgaria.

VEM Solutions is an Italian company that has been operating for over 45 years in Research and Development, engineering and production of electronic systems and products. The capacity to design and develop hardware, firmware and software for innovative technological solutions, overlooking the entire supply chain in the fields of electronics, IT, telecommunications and satellite telematics, has allowed it a strategic positioning in the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence markets.

“The Viasat Group – explains Domenico Petrone, Chairman of Viasat Group and Sole Director of VEM Solutions – has always been against the trend: when other companies relocated, we continued to create, design and produce high technology in Italy. Now, always against the trend, the Group pursues a policy of expansion, aggregating the best excellence abroad, faithful to its ‘glocal’ philosophy: thinking global to act locally. With this operation, we are focusing on an international growth strategy that will allow us to compete not only on high-quality electronic products but also in the professional automotive, avionics and defence sectors, as well as in the IoT home automation market. In this way, VEM Solutions proposes to its B2B and B2C customers as a reliable partner to promote the transformation and evolution of their product catalogue, from stand-alone solutions to innovative IoT products, enriched by the Security and Safety Services provided by the Viasat Group’s European Data Center Network. At this time of serious crisis due to the Coronavirus emergency, it is necessary to have the strength to invest in technological innovation, people and the future. This was and continues to be the DNA of VEM Solutions”.

Who is VIASAT GROUP – European specialists in satellite security systems that integrate the most modern telematic and IoT technologies to guarantee complete safety for the vehicle and its occupants in the market of Satellite Anti-theft systems, Insurance Telematics, Fleet Management and Big Data. From 2002 to today, it has grown to become one of the most solid economic realities in Italy, boasting a presence, directly or through local distributors, in over 60 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America with over 777 employees (at 31/12/2019).