When you have more than one corporate vehicle, a lot of organization is needed to keep up with the technical servicing and maintenance of every vehicle. When tracking regular procedures such as the replacement of oils, belts, tires, servicing, and check-ups, you can trust a Corporate Telematics System with the task.

Why does the GPS System make the Maintenance of Vehicles Easier?

GPS tracking systems make the technical maintenance of vehicles easier because they streamline the process of tracking and notifying about future servicing of the vehicle – technical or administrative. 

The GPS uses three criteria for service, technical, and administrative maintenance of vehicles:

        1/ Tracking the vehicle’s mileage using a GPS tracking system: This allows the user of the GPS to plan regular maintenance activities based on mileage (such as replacement of oils, belts, and filters) and notify when it is time to perform them. 

        2/ Tracking periods using a GPS tracking system: This allows the user of the GPS to plan regular maintenance activities based on time parameters e.g. tire replacement, insurance payments, loan payments etc., and get notified when it is time to perform them. 

        3/ Tracking of hours driven on devices with a GPS tracking system: based on this, the GPS generates reminder events for the maintenance of the vehicle – replacement of oils, tires, servicing, renewal of insurance, and check-ups. 

How Does the GPS Control System Make the Technical Maintenance of Vehicles Easier? 

  1. The GPS tracking device makes the technical maintenance of the vehicles with GPS devices easier by providing the user with control over all repetitive activities connected to the vehicle such as replacement of oils, filters, tires and payment of insurance, etc. by enabling: 
  • Notifications about upcoming technical servicing of the vehicle based on mileage such as replacement of oils and filters every 10,000 km.;
  • Notification about upcoming technical servicing based on time intervals or dates, such as tire replacement, payments on insurance or loan on certain dates; 
  • Notification about upcoming servicing of the vehicle based on a double criterion – mileage or a certain date, such as replacement of a consumable after 15,000 kilometers or on 31.01.2025, whichever comes first; 
  • Date of remaining mileage until notification of a certain maintenance activity. For example, the user can set up the system to provide notifications for oil replacement 1,000 kilometers before the required mileage is reached, or a certain amount of days before the selected date. 
  1. The GPS automatically generates notifications about upcoming events and notifies users about upcoming maintenance activities. 

Notifying the user can be set up depending on the user’s references. There are various possibilities – using a periodical report, e-mail, text message, and of course on a screen in the GPS tracking system itself, which looks like this: 


The GPS preserves the full history of performed maintenance and allows for book-keeping information to be attached to the separate events. 

 Reports of upcoming maintenance or completion of such are accessible for the user at all times. 

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