When you transport ice cream or frozen foods with refrigerated trucks and this is your business, you don’t want anything to go wrong and the goods arrive intact on time. If you use GPS devices and a cold room temperature tracking service, you will not face any of these 3 problems.

1. Delivery of melted ice cream / spoiled goods

Proper storage and transport of ice cream is key to business, especially when it comes to the temperature in the freezers of your refrigerated trucks. The GPS system will not guarantee you to maintain a constant temperature regime in the freezer area. But, in the event of a failure in the freezer or the unit, which leads to a change in the temperature regime, you will receive real-time information about the deviation in temperature and you can take adequate measures to prevent the ice cream from melting.

2. Disputes with commercial establishments about the temperature of the chamber of refrigerated trucks in the company, during the delivery of ice cream or frozen goods

Modern GPS trackers are multi-functional, meaning they have inputs and outputs that can take data from all kinds of sensors or sensors and vehicle data buses. Among the sensors that can be monitored are temperature sensors. The most valuable thing in this case is that the temperature information can always be checked for a given date and time or time interval. In this way, the temperature of the freezer during the delivery of the ice cream and the temperature during transport can be easily determined.

3. Shutting down the refrigeration unit of the ice cream truck while moving

Shutting down the refrigerating unit while in motion, either intentionally or due to damage, can cause the temperature of the ice cream transport freezer to change. The risks are clear. Return of goods, i.e. the ice cream, due to non-observed temperature conditions of delivery or delivery of melted ice cream.

The GPS tracking system cannot prevent the shutdown of the unit, but it can inform you in real time in an appropriate way about the event that has occurred. This will give you the opportunity to take measures to turn on the refrigeration unit if the latter is turned off arbitrarily by the driver or to take measures according to an internal instruction if the problem is technical.

How often have you been in the above situations and what has it cost you in terms of money, hassle, unhappy customers? Compare that to the cost of a GPS tracking system and refrigerated vehicle monitoring service from VEM Technology.