GPS devices are a major part of legal logging, believe it or not. This is the only way to control illegal logging and wood transportation to protect our planet’s forests. That’s why we offer you…

 7 facts about GPS devices if you are in the wood transportation business.

  1. You can’t transport wood if you don’t have a GPS device installed in your truck.
  2. All trucks transporting wood must be equipped with active GPS tracking devices.
  3. For each truck fitted with a GPS unit, you must obtain a Certificate from the GPS service provider confirming that the relevant vehicle is equipped with a GPS unit.
  4. The installed GPS tracking module must be active and transmit real-time information about the location of the logging truck.
  5. The GPS must store the data on the routes along which the timber transport vehicle moved.
  6. If required by the control authorities, you must be able to print out data about the truck’s route equipped with a GPS tracking device.
  7. Make sure the GPS device is working and transmitting data continuously. You can do this through the GPS system software. One option is to operationally run daily checks on the software that logs the data from the GPS device or set up alarms to notify you if the GPS tracking device stops working for any reason

    What do we offer?

    VEM Technology’s TimberTrace GPS service is the most suitable starting solution for all truck owners or entire fleets engaged in timber transportation. Once you activate the service, you can add additional services to it – for example, driver behavior control, fuel control to prevent theft, and even an SOS button in case one of your employees gets into trouble.

    If you would like to receive more information about prices or would like to request the installation of a GPS device for the transport of wood, call us on 0700 1 49 49 or register for a free consultation.