The easiest way to find out whether a corporate vehicle has been used according to your instructions is by looking at the routes it’s driven. 

With the Smart Tracker software you can do this quickly an easily. With it you can:

  • Check the routes of an unlimited number of vehicles at the same time or seprately; 
  • Look at routes for randomly chosen dates in the last five years; 
  • Use different colour codes for different vehicles or vehicle groups;
  • Look at the route on a digital map and change the scale for better visualisation;
  • Receive operative information about the amoutn of time spent moving and idling on each route of the vehicle;
  • Check the driven kilometers and the duration of stays for each vehicle; 
  • Find out whether the cars are being used outside working hours; 
  • Receive information about whethet the vehicles are being used outside permitted areas; 
  • Receive information about the beginning and end point of a route; 
  • Easily check what the maximal and average velocity on a given vehicle for a given route. 

Here’s an easy way to check a vehicle’s route using the SmartTracker software 



Easily check the routes of your vehicles and whether they’re being used according to your instructions. Request an offer for a GPS tracking system using the SmartTracker software.

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