Tolls in Belgium, for the Viapass road network, subject vehicles into two groups. The first includes all vehicles with a total gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, and the second contains tractors with a semi-trailer of category N1 with body code BC ( N1 / BC), regardless of their weight. The Viapass toll road network includes the three regions of Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels. In addition to Viapass in Belgium, tolls are paid for the Liefkenshoek tunnel.

Road vehicles under 3.5 tonnes do not pay tolls for the Viapass network.

Paid Road Network in Belgium

Viapass’s toll road network in Belgium covers about 6,500 km. You can view it on the official Viapass website. Detailed information with a map of toll roads for each region – Brussels, Wallonia, and available on the same site.

Criteria of Tolls in Belgium

For the Viapass network, i.e. the three regions of Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels, the amount of the toll is determined on the basis of kilometers traveled, gross weight, emission class, and the respective region. According to weight, vehicles are classified into 3 groups: [ 3.5 to 12 tonnes ], [ 12 to 32 tonnes ] and [ over 32 tonnes ]. According to the emission class (pollution), the groups of vehicles are 7 – from Euro 0 to Euro 6.

For the Liefkenshoek tunnel, the toll amount is determined by the time range, the height of the vehicle, and the payment method. The price is lower when paying by card or on-board unit. For the purpose of determining the number of tolls, the categories of vehicles are 3: Category 1: height up to 3 meters, without limitation of the time range; Category 2: height 3 and more meters, time range [ 6:01 – 21:59 ]; Category 3: height 3 and more meters, time range [22:00 – 6:00].

Tariffs for Tolls in Belgium

Current toll prices in Belgium, including the three regions of Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels, can be found on the official website of Viapass, a government agency that manages and coordinates fees on behalf of the three regions.

The three regions of Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels apply different charging tariffs, issuing a separate invoice or toll report for each.

For the Liefkenshoek tunnel (near Antwerpen) tolls apply for all vehicles. Tariffs can be checked on the official website of the operator of the Liefkenshoek Tunnel.

AMOUNT OF VAT on Tolls in Belgium

No toll is charged in Brussels and Flanders, while tolls in Wallonia are subject to 21% VAT.

No VAT is charged for the Liefkenshoek tunnel.

Ways to Pay Tolls in Belgium

Payment of tolls in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia

VIapass road network, tolls due for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are only paid with On-Board Units (OBUs).

It is used in the driver’s cab. The device must be installed and activated before traveling. It must be switched on permanently while driving on the toll road network.

On-board devices must be delivered by Viapass-accredited suppliers. Information on approved on-board device suppliers can be found on the Viapass website

The on-board unit registers how many kilometers you have traveled, based on which your supplier issues you an invoice.

The control of toll payments in Belgium is carried out through stationary portal frames with cameras, cars with mobile cameras, and mobile inspection teams.

Payment of tolls for the Liefkenshoek tunnel

Payment of tolls for the Liefkenshoek tunnel can be made in the following ways: in cash, by bank card, by fuel card, by subscription, and by on-board unit.

Prices are lower when paying by card, subscription, and On Board Unit. The best rate for paying for the Liefkenshoek tunnel is through a subscription or on-board unit.

Learn more about the Axxes ( B’Moov) onboard unit, with which you can pay tolls on the Viapass network in Belgium and the Liefkeshoek tunnel and in 10 other countries. Contact us on 0700 149 49 or by filling out the following form.