SHERLOCK is the new GPS antitheft system of Viasat Technology for bicycles.


What is Sherlock?

  • Sherlock is a GPS tracking device connected to a mobile app, providing cyclists with a handy and reliable solution for monitoring the position of their bicycles at every moment and retrieve them in case of theft. 
  • Sherlock is invisible. It provides a unique identification of the bicycle and is trouble-free. The device is very small and flexible, so it can be installed inside the frame of the bike, to be less vulnerable to impacts and atmospheric factors and difficult to find. 
  • Thanks to our mobile app, the customer can create the passport of the bicycle, associating univocally the bicycle to the owner. 
  • Sherlock is a turnkey solution, including a device that is easy to install, an Internet data plan for 2 years, and localization service on a dedicated mobile app.


How to convince yourself of the benefits of Sherlock?


Now Viasat Technology allows 10 bike enthusiasts to test Sherlock for free for 1 month.

For this purpose, it is necessary:

  1. To state your wish at or on 0700 1 49 49;
  2. To visit the Viasat Technology office to receive Sherlock and instructions for activating it, or provide us with an address where to send it to;
  3. After the test, to give us feedback about the product and recommendations for its improvement by filling out a short survey;
  4. After completing the test, visit the Viasat Technology office to return Sherlock or send it to us by courier.


We will thank you by allowing you to buy Sherlock at half price.


The regular price of Sherlock: BGN 300.00 including VAT. The price includes a GPS device, localization service via special mobile application, and a 24-month subscription with included internet data in Bulgaria and the EU.


Reduced price of Sherlock – BGN 150.00 including VAT.