According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, every year more than 50,000 motorcycles have been stolen. Sad statistics, given the fact that motorcycle owners invest a huge amount of time, love, and money in their machines. Some statistics also say – approximately 75% of these thefts could have been prevented.

One more fact: Most insurance companies offering insurances for motorbikes cover all risks except the risk of theft. Those that still offer coverage, offer it at very high prices.

How, then, can motorcycle owners better protect their machines from thieves?

Viasat Moto answers this question. With the service of Viasat Technology, motorcycle owners can now better protect their machines, significantly reducing the risk of theft and providing the necessary peace of mind.

Viasat Moto includes a GPS device, a mobile application, and an internet connection in Bulgaria and the EU for 1 year.

What protection features does Viasat Moto offer?

The Viasat Group Moto mobile application offers two features to protect the motorcycle against theft:

Virtual Fence – The virtual radius allows you to receive alarm messages on the phone in case the motorbike leaves a certain perimeter. 

Protection – When the “Protection” function is activated, the system sends alarm messages when the engine is on, in case of moving, lifting, crash, or cutting cables.

Other features of Viasat Moto

In the event of a fall, Viasat Moto sends an alarm signal to a telephone number preselected by the rider. In this way, a person close to the driver can help him in need. This significantly reduces the response time of rescue institutions, as well as increases the driver’s chances of surviving a car accident.

Viasat Moto also allows a detailed view of the route covered by the motorcycle for a period of time, as well as obtaining information about the kilometers traveled, speed, urban and extra-urban driving, the ratio between day and night riding, driver risk index, and more.


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