Successful protection of a bicycle from theft in Bulgaria is a real challenge, which requires not only systematic care from the owner of this type of two-wheeled vehicle but also an investment of time and money in special means of protection.

The problem of bicycle theft is not only relevant in Bulgaria, but also around the world. In countries such as the Netherlands, for example, about 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year. In the United States, that number is about 190,000, but that’s just official statistics, based on reported thefts by police. It is estimated that for the region of Canada and the United States the number of stolen bicycles reaches about 2 million annually.

In Bulgaria the statistics seem far more modest – about 1,600 stolen bikes per year and approximately 30% of these found. On the other hand, according to specialists in the industry, far more expensive bikes are ridden in Bulgaria, those with an average value of approx. BGN 700-1,000.

Recently, thanks to video surveillance installed in many apartment buildings, we have witnessed several bold thefts of bicycles. Let’s recall some of these cases:

  1. A woman steals 4 bicycles from 1 garage;
  2. Theft of bicycles from an apartment building in Sofia;
  3. Bold theft of a bicycle in Varna


That is why it is very important to protect our bikes in which we have invested a lot by all possible means.

4 ways to protect your bike from theft

In a series of two articles, we will bring to your attention some useful tips to protect your bike from theft and what to do if this has already happened. But first, we will start with prevention.

If you want to save yourself the headache of looking for your bike that has already been stolen, it’s a good idea to take steps to prevent this from happening.

Always lock your bike.

No matter where you park and for how long, always, always lock your bike. This is the simplest and most effective way to protect a bicycle from theft. When choosing a lock for your bike, consider where you usually park. For example, if you park closer to your home, you can invest in a safer lock. These types of locks are heavier, but they protect your bike better. The smaller the lock, the lower the level of protection it provides. However, such locks are more suitable if you park at long distances and wearing a heavy accessory would bother you.

It is also important not only whether you lock your bike, but also how you lock it. It is important to apply the “steel to steel” method, which means that the lock is wrapped around the frame of the bicycle and the strong metal to which it is attached.

In addition, the lock should be placed as close to the bike as possible and stretched well to leave less room for thieves.

Parkin busy places.

Whenever possible, choose public, well-lit areas to park your bike. It would be good if these were places where you or other people could watch the bike. Places with high human traffic are a good option. Having video surveillance nearby is a bonus.

The object to which you lock the wheel is also important. It should be stable and secure so that it cannot be easily removed by the thief.

Register your bike.

In Bulgaria, you can register your bike in the Bicycle Register.

You need to enter the serial number of the bicycle frame, as well as additional information such as manufacturer, model, color, etc. details that will more accurately describe your bike. It’s also a good idea to attach photos for easier identification, if necessary.

Keep in mind that such registration is one of the few things that would help you get your bike back in case of theft.

Invest in a GPS tracking tracker

If you are a fan of technology and value your peace of mind, it would be really good to invest in a real-time GPS location service for your bike. This is one of the safest ways to protect your bike from theft, as well as to find it in case of such. Usually, GPS bike trackers are small in size and tailored to the specifics of this type of vehicle. They give you accurate information about where your bike is to within a few meters, at any time of the day. Good GPS services also allow you to activate the “Geo-fence” or “Protective Radius” function via a mobile application. Once active, this feature allows the owner to receive an alarm message in case the bike is stolen.

Very soon, Viasat Technology will launch a secure GPS service to protect bicycles from theft.

Don’t get a part of the black statistics for stolen bicycles!

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