Viasat Technology added a new product in its portfolio for payment of road taxes in Europe. The  vToll International service allows you to pay tolls in 11 European countries nad 11 networks. It is provided by the B’Moov OnBoard unit (OBU), which is easy to install and is used in the driver’s cab. 

Briefly about vToll International

vTOLL Internationalis a solution for electronic toll collection based on distance travelled on toll roads in 11 European Union countries and 11 networks – Austria, Poland, Belgium [Viapass, Liefkenshoek Tunnel], Germany [LKW-Maut, Herrentunnel], Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary and the Oresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark.The service includes all activities related to reporting the toll sections through which the vehicles pass and also payment of the due toll fees through Viasat Technology’s partner for the service – AXXÈS,which is the leading French Fleet solution. The toll is determined by the class of the road, the distance traveled, the category, the emission class and the number of axles of the vehicle.

The payment of tolls is after using the service every 15th and last day of the month.

What the vToll International service includes

    • High-tech on-board device B’Moov, which is easily installed in the driver’s cab.
    • Payment of tolls in 9 European countries – Austria, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hunagry and France.
    • Payment of tolls for the Storebaelt bridge in Denmark and the Oresund bridge in Sweden.
    • Payment of tolls for the Herren Tunnel Germany and the Liefkenshoek Tunnel Belgium.
    • Payment for stays in 17 secure car parks in Spain and France.
    • User WEB portal with detailed information about all reported tolls, invoices and other useful information.
    • Daily email notification of the status of each on-board device.
    • Daily notification of e-mail for reported tolls.
  • Post payment of tolls.
  • Invoices every 15th and last day of the month.

Who can use the service

vTOLL Internationalis a service provided by Viasat Technology to companies and individuals operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes using the road network of Austria, Belgium, Poland, Liefkenshoek Tunnel Belgium, Germany, Herren Tunnel, Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark , Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and the Oresund Bridge, connecting Sweden with Denmark, and subject to Tol toll.

More about B’Moov OnBoard Unit

  • Quick and easy installation. It can be plugged into the lighter or made a fixed installation by Viasat Technology.
  • Quick and easy initial setup: Choose language, number of axes and weight category. Green led on and you can start.
  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • Light and sound indication for various events.
  • The buttons lock automatically at over 10 km / h.
  • Multilingual menu.

What are the advantages of vToll International

  • 1 OBU for 9 countries.
  • Fast delivery of the B’Moov on-board unit.
  • Еаsy setup and installation of the B’Moov on-board unit.
  • B’Moov on-board unit settings menu in different languages.
  • Light and sound indication of the B’Moov on-board unit for various events.
  • Remote change of the registration number assigned to the B’Moov on-board unit by prior request for change to Axxès.
  • Convenient customer web portal with detailed information about reported tolls, issued invoices and communication interface.
  • 17 secure truck parks in Spain and France.
  • High quality of service.
  • Customer  care  service center 24/7.

What you get with vTOLL International

On-board device B’Moov, SIM card with included data transfer, access to WEB portal, support from 24/7 customer service center. That way your business can thrive without worrying for things that we could take care of. 

We, at Viasat Technology, are always trying to bring to you the best products and solutions for your fleet. If you want to try our services just  contact us on 0700 1 49 49 or through the contact form below.