The implementation of GPS devices in vehicles, regardless from vendor will not make the drivers drive more responsibly, neither will it make them more responsible. 

Implementing a GPS system will not save you money from operational costs. 

The fuel tracking via GPS control system will not save you liters and liters of fuel. 

GPS control will not stop your drivers from using corporate vehicles for their own purposes outside working hours at your expense. 

How many of the fleet managers who are reading this have time to sit down and interpret the data which they receive in the form of tables, diagramms and graphs? 

How many of you have enough time to at least generate the reports which GPS systems provide in different intervals, let alone inform your employess of them? 


Well, we may have overexaggerated by claiming that GPS telematics systems won’t influence the safety of your drivers and the costs of your corporate fleet. Naturally, there will be improvements in the driving style of drivers, because they are aware that there is a ‘black box’ inside the vehicle. But are you really using the complete potential of your GPS system? 


Where employers of GPS systems actively engage with their employees based on the information provided from the system, such results are regularly observed: 

  • 10 – 20 % improvement of fuel economy
  • 100 – 200  less kilometers of travel per vehicle per month
  • Reduction of insurance renewal costs 
  • Reduction of distance travelled has a positive influence on the wear and tear of tires

The savings porived by employing a GPS system are real and waiting for you, but in order for them to work for you, engagement with the system and good communication with the drivers is needed, along with clear set rules. The GPS system is only a technological device, in order to get the maximum benefits from which, one needs to analyse the data and take action to correct the behaviour of the drivers or the way the vehicle is being used. 

Regardless who your GPS tracking system provider is, can you say that you’re using its full potential?