Toll fees in Germany will be charged on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. This is expected to come into effect from July 2024, once the German state approves. To date, tolls in Germany threaten only vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

Two other important changes expected to come into effect in Germany are how vehicle weight is declared and the introduction of CO² class when calculating toll charges per kilometer.

How Toll Fees in Germany are Being Determined

Tolls in Germany are determined based on kilometers traveled, weight category, and ecological category of the vehicle.

The limit of the weight category above which tolls are due is currently 7.5 tonnes but is expected to be reduced to 3.5 tonnes from July 2024.

The environmental category will also undergo a change, with the addition of a CO2 class, which will enable newer vehicles that emit less harmful emissions into the atmosphere to pay lower toll prices in Germany.

Introduction to the CO² Class when Calculating Toll Fees in Germany

From December 2023, the German state is expected to approve a CO² class, which will encourage replacing vehicles with newer and less polluting ones.

The CO² class will be determined depending on the year of manufacture, the year of first registration, CO² emissions in gCO²/tkm and the subgroup of the vehicle, defined on the basis of category, number of axles, maximum weight, sleeper cab, engine power, and the group of the vehicle.

The introduction of the new emission class will affect prices with two impacts. The first is a fixed component that is added to the TOL charge per kilometer depending on CO² class and the second is a reduction in the infrastructure component from 0% to 75%.

Fixed component, CO² component pricing 

Reduction based on CO² class

A New Way to Declare the Weight Category of the Vehicle in Germany

To date, the weight category of the vehicle for the purpose of determining the toll charges in Germany is made according to letter F.2 (maximum permissible laden mass of the vehicle in service in the Member State of registration) of the Registration Certificate, Part II. As of December 1, 2023, the weight will be declared according to F.1 – maximum technically permissible laden mass.

Toll fees in Germany can be paid automatically using an on-board device that is installed in the driver’s cabin. You can find out more by contacting us on 0700 1 49 49 or using the form below.