Tolls in Italy are charged on all vehicles using the paid road network in the country. Toll fees depend on the car class, the type of road, and the distance traveled. For some road sections, the price is fixed and does not depend on the distance traveled.

Toll network in Italy

The toll network in Italy covers about 6,000 kilometers and is managed by different toll operators.

There are three types of toll systems:

  • Closed: Toll systems with barriers at the entrance and exit of the paid section. The vehicles pay a toll depending on the kilometers traveled.
  • Open: These are fixed-price toll sections regardless of the distance traveled.
  • With free flow: These toll systems collect tolls without barriers.

You can calculate the number of toll charges in Italy by setting the start and end destination through the official website of the operator Autostrade per l’Italia, managing about 3000 km of toll network in Italy.

How the tolls are calculated in Italy

The amount of toll varies from € 0.07231 /km. up to 0.20629 € /km. depending on the height and number of axles of the vehicles, divided into the following 5 classes and types of roads.

Number of axles and height of the vehicle

  1. Class A (2 axles): Vehicles with 2 axles and a height of less than or equal to 1.3 m, measured on the front axle. 

Tolls in Italy

2. Class B (2 axles): Vehicles with 2 axles and a height greater than 1.3 m, measured on the front axle

tolls in Italy

3. Road vehicles with 3 axles:

tolls in italy

4. Road vehicles with 4 axles: 

tolls in Italy

5. Road vehicles with 5 and more axles:

tolls in italy

  • Type of road
  • Plain
  • Mountainous

Tariffs for tolls in Italy

Plain€ /km.0.072310.074010.098620.148640.17530
Mountainous€ /km.0.085470.087490.114140.174260.20629


The indicated rates include VAT at the rate of 22%.

You can find the current information on Autostrade per l’Italia tariffs at the following link. 

Amount of VAT for payment of toll charges in Italy

In Italy, 22% VAT applies to tolls.

Ways to pay toll fees in Italy

Tolls in Italy can be paid by:

  • On-board device for automated payment

You can use Axxes, Telepass, Dkv Box Italy and Unipol Tech electronic devices. Current list of onboard devices that can be used to pay tolls in Italy.

  • Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit /debit cards without entering a PIN code
  • Viacard prepaid cards
  • Rechargeable, pre-loaded with cash Telepass electronic devices, however, can only be used for 2-axle vehicles and only for the Campagna and Sicily areas
  • Cash

Ways to pay tolls in Italy are well-signposted at the entrances and exits of toll roads. Depending on your preferred payment method, you can use the entrance or exit marked with your payment method.

Automated toll payment in Italy with Axxes on-board device

Paying tolls with an Axxes onboard device is extremely convenient for vehicles over 3.5 tons. The onboard device is called B’Moov. You can use it to pay toll fees:

  • up to two weeks after using the service
  • for 11 countries in the European Union, including Italy.
  • no credit limit
  • no currency conversion fees.

More about the Axxes on-board device you can learn from our  product webpage TOLL Europe

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