Tolls in Switzerland can be paid with the Toll Europe package for tolls in Europe, which VEM Technology offers with an onboard device. The European countries for automated toll payment with the Toll Europe service and OBU GPS device already are 13. These are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, France, Switzerland and Sweden.

What are the advantages of the OBU device and the Toll Europe service?

  • One OBU device for TOLL payments in 13 countries;
  • Payment of tolls up to two weeks after their use;
  • No credit limit for used tolls;
  • No commission for currency exchange;
  • Daily status of spent tolls;
  • Timely alarms/emails when the device is low on battery or unplugged, to avoid fines as well and risk their truck being immobilized;
  • the docking station that ensures that the box is always connected, avoiding lots of fines in GPS-tolling countries
  • The data on the box can be updated Over The Air (OTA), which means that the box does not need to be sent back when changing trucks;
  • Invoices are centralized on one platform 

Also in the Toll Europe package are included the following bridges and tunnels – the Liefkenshoek in Belgium, the Herrentunnel in Germany, Storebaelt in Denmark, and the Oresund connecting Sweden and Denmark. An additional extra is the possibility to pay for secure parking in France and Spain with our onboard device.

Existing customers of the Toll Europe service can add Switzerland directly from the Axxes platform or by contacting VEM Technology on 0700 1 49 49.

The automated payment of tolls in Switzerland with our GPS onboard device is available from January 1st 2023.

For more information or prices, you can contact us by filling out the form below or at phone 0700 1 49 49.