Tolls in Germany will be changed from 1 July 2024, introducing a new toll system that will affect all vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. This measure is part of the country’s efforts to modernize its transport infrastructure and reduce its environmental impact. The road tax applies only to vehicles that are intended for the transport of goods. Combinations of vehicles are subject to toll charges only if the weight of the tractor is over 3.5 tonnes.

Why are Fees Introduced?

The new charges are designed to encourage haulers to use greener vehicles and reduce the number of HGVs on the road, which contribute to congestion and emissions. Funds raised will be reinvested in road network improvements and the development of alternative means of transport.

How will the System Work?

Charges will be calculated based on distance traveled, vehicle weight and emission class. This means that the heavier and less environmentally friendly the vehicle, the higher the fee will be. The system will use satellite technology to accurately measure kilometers traveled. Here you can find all the tariffs. 

Exemptions from the New Tolls in Germany

There are certain exceptions in connection with the newly introduced tolls in Germany, which will come into force from 1 July 2024 for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. These exceptions are intended to take into account the specific needs of certain categories of vehicles and their owners. Light goods vehicles weighing less than 7.5 tons belonging to craftsmen and people with similar professions and vehicles with zero emissions are exempt from tolls. Vehicles with zero emissions are exempt from tolls in Germany until 31.12.2025.

The introduction of tolls for heavy goods vehicles is an important step towards a more sustainable future. This is a signal to businesses and society that Germany takes environmental challenges seriously and is ready to invest in long-term solutions to improve its transport system and protect the environment.

Toll fees in Germany can be paid automatically, using an on-board deviceinstalled in the driver’s cabin. Don’t wait until the last minute, contact us now for more information at 0700 1 49 49 or by filling in the form below.